Talavera Community’s History of Night Sky Observance

Talavera area residents have long worked hard to preserve and enhance our dark night sky by restricting street lights and limiting outdoor lighting. Most residents aware of the NM Night Sky Protection Act follow the guidance regarding residential outdoor lighting. However, in recent years, noticeable light pollution has threatened our beautiful night sky view.

Please peruse the information for proper installation and use of outdoor lighting, in brief here:

  1. Outdoor lighting: shall be shielded, except incandescent fixtures of one hundred fifty watts or less and other sources of seventy watts or less.
  2. Non-conforming lights: allowed if the fixture is extinguished by an automatic shutoff device between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and sunrise.

Jeff Johnson is one of our local night sky astronomists’ who appreciate our night sky observance. The attached link shows some incredible captures from his Talavera backyard.

Please, look around your property and make adjustments as needed, and enjoy our magnificent night views.

Talavera Resident contributor