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Public Protection Classification – ISO Report Doña Ana County

Many thanks to Chief Hempel and his team for their concerted effort in improving our Doña Ana County PPC fire safety rating. April 22, 2019 report received by FPSA

Found Husky Pup – 6/23/2019

Found Husky Pup – 6/23/2019

Husky Puppy found wandering in desert approximate ½ mile from Talavera Fire Station. Please call Tina Clayton, 575-312-6734

PRC Votes 3-2 in Favor of Talavera Substation

PRC District 5 Commissioner Stephen Fischmann reports: Last Wednesday, (5/1/2019) the (PRC) commission voted 3-2 to allow the Talavera substation build out. I did manage to gain acknowledgement from at least two commissioners that the process for approving and building substations and electric distribution lines more

Talavera and Las Alturas Fire Departments Receive ISO Rating of 5

Comm. Shannon Reynolds reports that the ISO evaluation of the Las Alturas and Talavera Fire Departments is complete and the ISO rating has jumped to a ‘5’. Your insurance company will be able to answer any questions regarding ISO rating effective dates. Note that not more