2018 January Newsletter – Click Here

Talavera Community Association 2018 Annual Meeting March 10th, 2018 Farm & Ranch Museum 6:00 p.m. Sorry, no food allowed. We hope to have important updates on the El Paso Electric Sub-Station project, paving Soledad Canyon and paving the last piece of Baylor Canyon. We have a number of guest speakers and some serious issues that need maximum Community participation. Please join us.

Passed – BOCC Meeting Agenda Item, Paving of Baylor Canyon Road, Thursday, January 25, 2018

UPDATE: Passed Email from Commissioner Ben Rawson regarding possible paving of Baylor Canyon Road Dear Constituent, Thursday at 1pm the County Commission will be considering again whether to pave Baylor Canyon Rd. You may remember that in 2015 the County Commission decided to pave Dripping Springs and gravel Baylor Canyon.  At the end of this fiscal year (June 30th) we will turn over the unused 1/2 million dollars that wasn’t used on this project (these weren’t Dona Ana County tax dollars).  Staff is asking us on Thursday to consider paving Baylor Canyon instead of returning the money.  Citing maintenance challenges

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EPE Substation Update

The Dona Ana County Commission unanimously passed the attached resolution (minus paragraph’s 3 & 5) requesting the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) to require thorough justification of all significant future substation and power line projects. That includes the Talavera substation. The resolution serves to support the petition we sent to the PRC asking for a complete study of need for the Talavera project and potential alternatives. That petition is currently being reviewed by PRC staff. It’s a big deal because EPE spends about $100 million annually on these projects and they get charged to customers without any significant independent vetting. Thanks

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