TCA November Newsletter

     Talavera Community Association Newsletter

    The TCA fall meeting will be held Nov. 7th, 6:30 at the Talavera Fire Station.  We will have an ETZ presentation by Steve Meadows and a call for committee members for this group.  The group will have input into how the new ETZ area should be zoned.  A good portion of our Talavera area is affected by the proposed zone so hopefully we’ll have a few interested parties on this committee.  Also, Mr Armando Cordero, Dona Ana Parks, will be presenting a status report on the Talavera Community Park, and Rep. Cervantes will be at the meeting to give us some insight into the proposed NM Health Security Bill.  There are many questions to be answered in this regard and this will be your opportunity to address any issues you might have.                                                                                                

    Again, let me promote our new web page; Previous meeting minutes, Dripping Springs road project updates, lost and found, and links to several sites of concern to our residents can be found.  Any suggestions you might have will also be welcomed and considered just click on “Contact Us” and let us know. Several people have inquired about where they might post lost and found items (animals) where they might be more visible, check out the web-sight!  Notices will be approved by request through Janet Honek or Larry Cottingham .  

     Mike Park is working on an appeal to the flood plain plan and needs help with research, if you can offer some time to help review the document, e-mail him at .  He would appreciate any help you could give, this issue is not going away!

    Our TCA secretary, Janet Honek would like to know if you want to receive your newsletter/minutes via e-mail. We appreciate that some of you would rather not receive unsolicited e-mails so we’re asking that you let us know one way or the other, e-mail her at

    A quick last note, if you put signs, balloons, etc. at the corner of Soledad Canyon and Dripping Springs please clean them up when your event is over.  Signs and deflated balloons become unsightly when left too long.  Thanks for your help.

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