November 28, 2007 Meeting

There will be a (Hopefully) brief meeting of the TCA on Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 6:30 Pm. There is one agenda item: – Election of ETZ Zoning Committee members.

The following area residents have submitted a nomination application:

Deborah Kinkel, 5195 Ladera Canyon Rd.

Douglas Hoffman, 9477 Wind Dancer Trail

Peter Ossorio, 5525 Lost Padre Mine Rd.

Michael Park, 5150 Alamo Mine Trail *

William Evrage, 5053 Heno Mine Trail

David Rocks, 4861 Broken Stone Rd.

Gary Gomez, 5085 Copper Bar Rd.

Adrian Edwards, 4932 Spur Ridge Rd.

Wendy Weir 5092 Ruby Mine Road

*Mike Park has asked that his name be removed from consideration.

Applications will be accepted until the start of the meeting. If you wish to nominate someone, or self-nominate, please bring the application form to the meeting. Blank forms will be available at the fire station prior to the start of the meeting.