D-A County Audit of HHS Dept Makes Interesting Reading

There was a relatively short article in the Sun-News about the Dona Ana County auditor’s audit of the county Heath and Human Services department. The local paper, and the county commission tried to ‘play-down’ the results of this audit. But the fact remains that of 72 ‘Tests’ of the HHS department, there were findings (ie discrepancies) on 41 of them. In other words, the HHS department FAILED over half of the audit tests. It also appears that our elected representatives intend to do their best to ignore that report. You can read the full report at the county web site. Here is a link to the auditor’s page: http://www.co.dona-ana.nm.us/auditor/. this is a PDF file and you will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) to open the file.

My thanks to Talavera resident Mike Park for bringing this to our attention.