New High School Traffic Update

As you are aware, the work at the construction site of the new High School on Dripping Springs Road is in high gear.  We can expect to see increased construction traffic and we are anticipating huge increases in numbers of vehicles when the school opens.  Your Talavera Community Association Board of Directors is monitoring the progress of plans to deal with this increased traffic and the resulting safety issues .  In order to share this information and to encourage our residents to be involved in the process of finding solutions, we will be adding periodic “Traffic Updates” to our web site.  We hope that the updates will be brief and informative. Here is a link to the first update:

Traffic Update #1-2

Here are some important meeting dates to remember:

Las Cruces Planning and Zoning Meeting:    Tuesday, December 15, 6:00PM City Council Chambers:

Will be voting on annexation of new high school.

Las Cruces City Council:  January 19, 2010:  First reading of motion to annex new high school.

Las Cruces City Council:  February 23, 2010:  Final vote on annexation of new high school.

Las Cruces School District Board Meeting:  December 15, 2009 and January 19, 2010, Administration Board Room, 6:30PM.

Public input for issues pertaining to the new high school is early in the meeting agenda.

Feel free to direct questions to us at: hzagonamail or hoffmanemail

We also would like your name to add to our volunteer list so that as plans develop we can coordinate our response.