Update on Organ Mountain Fire

Air drop on Organ Fire

The following is a message from Association president and volunteer fire fighter Douglas Hoffman:

For the past week a fire has been burning on the Ft. Bliss land in the
Organs, probably started by a live fire exercise.  It has been
difficult to attack because of the very rough terrain and the fact
that the land there contains unexploded munitions from many years of
such exercises.  There are Forest Service fire crews in place, and the
Forest Service, BLM and Ft. Bliss have also been using airplane and
helicopter drops of water and fire retardant. There has also been
smokejumpers deployed today in the vicinity of the fire south of
Soledad Canyon Road.

The Las Alturas Fire Department is on standby to assist BLM and we are
in constant communication with them.  While there is no immediate
danger we continue to monitor the fire line and are ready to protect
any houses and structures in our neighborhood if that is needed.  What
we do urge you to do at this time is to review your own family safety
plans, and make sure you are prepared for disasters, whether they be
fires or floods.  We will make sure that everyone stays informed of
any developments on the fire and if any actions on your part are
needed the fire department will contact you.  For any emergencies
please remember to call 911.