*Revised* Home Occupation Ordinance Proposal

The Home Occupation Ordinance, that was discussed at the February TCA meeting has been revised. Here is a message from County Commissioner Karen Perez:

Background:  When the Talavera neighborhoods were brought into the ETZ last year no one considered the impact on our ability to have a home business.  Under current ETZ ordinances, home-based businesses are very limited.  An ordinance revision would allow home businesses but would restrict the nature of the business, related traffic, home modifications, etc.

When folks comment, please consider that many of the residents have home businesses and would potentially be “grandfathered” in if they hold a valid license from the County that pre-dates the inclusion of the new areas in the ETZ.  This ordinance would restrict only those new licenses that are issued after the ordinance revision.

Please let me know if there are any questions and please forward any comments so I get those to Community Development ASAP.  Thank you!

Karen Perez, P.E.
County Commissioner

The REVISED proposed ordinance is here.

Links to the current County Ordinance, and the original proposed ordinance discussed at the February meeting are on the Meeting Minutes page.