Neighborhood Watch

2013 nov 04 notice from Janet Honek
We have not received any detailed information about the intruders beyond the fact someone tried to move the “abandoned” car. An alert resident noticed it and called 911. The police apprehended the driver.

2013 oct 29 notice from Janet Honek
The Sheriff Dept sent an email stating they will keep a frequent patrol in our area. They appreciate our vigilance and assistance. Remember, do not confront any suspicious people. Call the police!

Here is another report of a possible link to the break-ins

Last night, another house in Organ Mesa had someone ring their doorbell around 9:00 p.m.  He said the guy was an older man with a goatee, with him was a younger guy with long hair.  They told him they were looking for a church and were lost.  The resident was suspicious and told them to leave.  He then called the police.  They chased them around the neighborhood, and the two individuals abandoned their car and took off into the desert (the abandoned car is still sitting in the neighborhood).  The police were unable to locate them.
I do not know if these are the people who are responsible for the recent break-ins, but their description matches the two people we saw driving around the neighborhood very slowly a couple of days ago.  Please continue to be alert to any suspicious cars or people in the neighborhood.  These individuals are pretty bold considering they are breaking into houses in the middle of the day.
2013 oct 28 notice from Janet Honek

A Second Break-In
Activate Neighborhood Watch!

Talavera is known as a neighborhood tough on crime. Our network of communication and attentiveness to each other’s residences make us strong. It is time to pull together to alert neighbors and help the police catch the thieves.

There was a second break-in this afternoon about 3:00 PM. This time it was up off Spur Ridge. The resident saw a younger man behind his house climbing the hills. Then a little while later, he heard a thump and heard his garage door open. The intruder had broken a double pane window to gain entry. The resident scared the intruder who escaped on foot through the hills. County Sheriffs responded with dogs patrols but the intruder was not captured.

Please be sure to remove your car keys from your car in the garage. Lock your doors and windows. Watch out [alert sheriff/neighbor of suspicious activity*] for your neighbors. Do not approach any suspicious people. Call the police for help.

*webmaster, for clarity 😉