Talavera Propane Coop

Thank you all for the appreciative comments and email regarding our latest discount from Griffin’s Propane for the Talavera Propane Coop. While the majority response was positive, I would like to address several negative comments posted to our website.

I should probably start with a little history and organization of the Talavera Propane Coop. In October of 2012, my neighbor, Tom Hobby, passed away just two days after he set up, organized and signed the deal with Griffin’s Propane to establish the Talavera Propane Coop. Not wanting his efforts to go to waste, I volunteered to pick up where he left off and continue to be the coordinator for the Talavera Propane Coop. When all of this took place I was not on the TCA Board. I was just a neighbor concerned with paying less for my propane.

The Talavera Propane Coop is not a function of the TCA. It has been endorsed and approved by the TCA but it is not a function of the TCA Charter or Bylaws. This relationship gets a little muddled now that I am on the TCA BOD; however, it still functions independently of any TCA direction. I am an unpaid volunteer and do not get any commission, wages or kickbacks from Griffin’s Propane. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of my time and resources coordinating new member paperwork, interfacing with Griffin’s, and spreading the word about the Coop. The Talavera Propane Coop is nothing more than a “coalition of consumers” working together to achieve a better deal. Seven new Members joined in just the past week!

The Talavera Propane Coop has grown from those initial twenty-five (25) members to several hundred members. The Coop has benefited the entire Community with other propane providers’ price matching in order not to lose more customers. It has been and continues to be a win/win for the entire Community. Competition is good for everyone.

The present situation of adverse comments arose from a major initiative that Ikards/Servi gas started to win customers back. I can’t blame them. They are a large national company and tired of not being dominant in the marketplace. It was brought to my attention that their pricing was considerably lower than our Coop price and ’just what was I going to do about it?’ I immediately contacted Griffin’s and they agreed to price match Ikard’s for Coop members at $1.79 a gallon, effective that day, October 28th, 2015. This price is a $0.50 per gallon price reduction, the cheapest propane has been in several years. Anyone getting propane October 28th, 2015, or after will receive this pricing. There are no rebates offered.

Griffin’s has always been very fair and generous to the Talavera Propane Coop. We have an “Agreement” with them, not a contract. The only thing Griffin’s has ever asked from the Coop is loyalty. You cannot expect Shell, Mobil, Sams or even Moongate to negotiate what you feel is fair pricing! You pay what they want to charge. Griffin’s will continue to give us competitive pricing if we continue our relationship with them. Griffin’s has stated that several people have contacted them and voiced some ugly comments. THIS HAS TO STOP or our present relationship with Griffin’s could be put in jeopardy. If you have serious questions or concerns, please contact me directly. I will always entertain, and take into serious consideration, any constructive advice or suggestions.

In addition, I also take issue with the personal attacks leveled against myself, as well as the BOD. It seems a few in the Talavera neighborhood are content to let others do all the work, take zero responsibility, and attack the volunteer workers in the process. I recently have received many ugly “you should have… you could have, you didn’t” comments. I am doing the best I can, honest. I am only one person wearing lots of hats.

It really hurts us all to see a few individuals use the TCA website as a “bully pulpit” to air their personal grievances. The TCA “Your Comments” section is intended to provide informative and helpful suggestions/ideas for the benefit of the entire community.

As I have always stated, the purpose of the Talavera Propane Coop has been to try and leverage our consumer coalition to get the best deal for everyone in the community. If some can find a better deal elsewhere, please go for it, then tell us all about it!


Perry Ashby
Coordinator, Talavera Propane Coop
Vice President, Talavera Community Association