Nov. 17th, 2016, P&Z Meeting Outcome

At todays P&Z meeting the Commissioners reevaluated the Nov. 10th proposal to zone all ER2 (2+ acre) parcels to the UDC zone D1L (1+ acre).

The TCA Board worked many hours and attended multiple meetings to promote a new UDC 2+ acre zone matching our current ER2 zone. The P&Z commissioners voted against creating a new 2+acre zone, stating the size was problematic in the past. The compromise was assigning all lots currently ER2 and ER1 to the R5L zone.

As of Nov. 17th, the P&Z will present to the BOCC the following proposal for our area:

All ER3 (1+ acre) and ER3c (1+ acre) zoned parcels now D1L (1+ acre parcels)
All ER2 (2+ acre) and ER1 (5+ acre) zoned parcels now R5L (5+ acre parcels)

Parcels <5 acres in the R5L zone will be in legal nonconformance, size-wise, however, landowners will have the assurance that their properties won’t border densely populated subdivisions in the future.

Please investigate pages 28 thru 31, Section 2.9, of the Proposed UDC for information about how this legal nonconformance will affect your property. Below is one paragraph from the document.

2.9.10 Nonconforming Lots
When a legal nonconforming lot can be used in conformity with all of the regulations applicable to the intended use, except that the lot is smaller than the required minimum set forth in this Chapter, the lot may be used as zoned as if it were conforming.


The P&Z was not able to resolve item 4.e., Lot Coverage, before adjourning, therefore, Lot Coverage will be on the agenda again at the December 1st, 2016, P&Z meeting.

Lot Coverage is total square footage of all impervious surfaces on one parcel: primary residence, porches, storage, accessory dwelling, accessory buildings, barns, cement driveways. The current UCD has specified a lot coverage of 5% for R5L. Five percent is unreasonable for properties under 5-acres, as shown by the figures in the table below. We have proposed a Lot Coverage of 12,000 sq.ft. for parcels <5-acres and 5% for parcels >=5-acres. This proposal should meet the needs of our community with allowance for large homes and accessory buildings, while preventing unrestricted building on one parcel.

Lot Coverage by Percentage 

acres sq.ft. 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11%
1 43,560 2,178 2,614 3,049 3,485 3,920 4,356 4,792
2 87,120 4,356 5,227 6,098 6,970 7,841 8,712 9,583
3 130,680 6,534 7,841 9,148 10,454 11,761 13,068 14,375
4 174,240 8,712 10,454 12,197 13,939 15,682 17,424 19,166
5 217,800 10,890 13,068 15,246 17,424 19,602 21,780 23,958

Current Lot Sizes

Lot Sizes

Proposed UDC Zoning, November 17th, 2016

Proposed UDC Zoning for Talavera as of Nov 17th, 2016


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