Talavera Area Mowing By County

The TCA has asked the County Roads Dept. to mow county owned streets prior to the Fall Clean-up. Perry Ashby and Jerry Wertz met with those in charge and accompanied them through the Community to make sure they knew exactly what we wanted done. The areas the County Road Dept. have agreed to mow and sweep are:

Soledad Canyon Road from Dripping Springs to the end of the pavement at the top of the hill.

Several County roads that branch off Soledad Canyon Road:

Catamount Rd,
Silver King Rd (North of Soledad Canyon),
Mother Lode Trail,
Homestead Ct, and
Cripple Creek Rd.

Dripping Springs Road from “A” Mountain to the East end of the pavement.

Desert Mirage I & II.

No areas in Organ Mesa Ranch will be mowed or swept.

As a rule of thumb any areas that have curbs, rocks or landscaping near the easement will NOT be mowed.

If anyone has any issues, concerns or objections – Please contact the TCA immediately.