Beware of Possible Scams…

I’m writing in hopes other members of the Talavera community won’t make the same mistake we made. We were approached by someone X@X@X representing X@X@X Signs. He offered to create an address sign to be placed at the end of our drive. We had seen what was represented to be his work in the area and went ahead and purchased a sign. Unfortunately after several weeks, he hasn’t kept promised appointments to review a design or complete any work promised. We’ve wasted several days waiting for him to meet with us and have requested a refund. Still, X@X@X has yet to show up.

Talavera Resident


As I have learned the hard way since I moved to town. NEVER, NEVER pay anyone for anything prior to delivery and installation. I had a similar situation where I gave some landscapers a check to buy building materials and I never saw them again. I had used these guys before so I had a small amount of trust in their word. Bad assumption!

I went to the Sherriff’s to file a complaint and they laughed at me! They said that if you give someone money ahead of time, it then becomes a civil matter. Your word against theirs. Lesson learned.

Perry Ashby
TCA President