BOCC Meeting – 9/11/2018 – Add Funding for Volunteer Firefighter Incentive

Excerpt from BOCC Agenda, 9/11/2018, 9:00 a.m., Gov’t Building Title: COUNTY COMMISSION SCHEDULES REGULAR MEETING ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 BOCC AGENDA APPROVALS 12. Presentation and Discussion by Fire Administration on the Plan to Address Issues Related to the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) Fire District Ratings and Approve Budget Revision and Resolution to Add Funding for Volunteer Firefighter Incentive Program, Increase Advertising Outreach Efforts, and Delegate Signature Authority to the County Manager for all Related Documents—Benjamin L. Rawson, Commission Chair/Nicholas Hempel, Fire Chief, will discuss.

Six Fire Stations in House District 52 Received the Worst ISO Rating of 10

According to this article, the ISO rating that went into effect in March 2018, may cause some property insurance rates to rise. Sun News, Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Working with Doña Ana County to fix fire risk rating On Friday August 17, I met with Doña Ana County Manager Fernando Macias and Deputy County Manager Chuck McMahon to discuss the ISO fire risk rating that has resulted in many of my constituents’ home owner insurance policy costs skyrocketing in State House District 52. My intent was to understand the issues that resulted in the downgrade of many of the fire

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Bill Childress, BLM, Makes a Decision re EPE Substation

Click here for BLM Website Excerpt from BLM’s Decision Record regarding the Talavera EPE Substation: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Las Cruces District Office DECISION RECORD Talavera Substation and Distribution Project DOI-BLM-NM-L000-2017-0008-EA … Decision It is my decision to grant the right-of-way (ROW) to El Paso Electric Company (EPE) to construct the Talavera Substation, as proposed under Alternative Site #3A with the distribution Option 3A-T, and the distribution components common to all alternatives. The authorization will include a 3.7-acre (400 × 400- foot) permanent ROW and 50-foot temporary work area on all sides of the

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