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City posts lower school speed for Centennial HS

Please note that Centennial High School has a new lower speed limit Monday thru Friday:   15 mph from 8:00 – 9:00 am and 3:00 – 4:00 pm    

Centennial High School Attendance Boundaries

LCPS has three potential redistricting plans to create attendance boundaries for the new Centennial High School. The three plans are called 1a, 6a and 7b. Here are links to .pdf files that include detailed maps and statistics for each plan. These plans are preliminary, and 

High School Traffic Update

Here is a brief update of changes in the situation involving the new high school traffic. Yesterday the Las Cruces City Council did vote to annex the new high school area as reported in the Sun-News. Many thanks to those who came to the Council Meeting. Even those who did not speak helped our cause by being present. The Council did notice our presence and listened to those of us who did speak about our concerns. The Sun-News got some of the details of the plans for the roads, not all were correct.

New High School Traffic Update

As you are aware, the work at the construction site of the new High School on Dripping Springs Road is in high gear.  We can expect to see increased construction traffic and we are anticipating huge increases in numbers of vehicles when the school opens.