New FEMA Flood Insurance Maps

New FEMA Flood Maps A number of Talavera residents and a representative of the Talavera Community Association attended last night’s meeting with the Flood Commission about new flood maps. These maps indicate what properties will require flood insurance*. To dispute this, protests must be filed with the 

October 15 Meetings: 1 Win, 1 Loss

The Talavera Community Association had mixed results on the October 15 meetings. At the 9 AM County Commission Meeting, the County Commission voted 4-1 to approve our petition to request that FEMA withdraw the Fillmore/Tellbrook Arroyo flood plain study, and have it redone. In general 

October 15th… Two Important Meetings!

Please mark Wednesday, October 15 on your calendar.There are 2 county meetings of great importance to Talavera residents. At 9:00 AM, the regular County Commission meeting will occur. The Noahs Ark Group Study (NAGS) petition to request a new study of the Tellbrook/Filmore Arroyo flood 

Flood Study Results

The Noahs Ark Group Study (NAGS) flood plain mapping results were presented to area residents in a meeting that was held Wednesday September 17, at the Farm and Ranch theater. Approximately 75 area residents attended the meeting along with State Senator Lee Rawson, and a