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Phone Scams Reported

We have been informed by a Talavera resident that there have been a number of phone scams operating lately, including one supposedly from a “Treasury agent”.  Remember never to give out personal information on the phone.  

Take Precaution

A resident’s car was vandalized while she was hiking A-Mountain. Some parts were removed so the car was inoperable. Please be sure to take extra caution and report anything suspicious to the Sheriff.

Neighborhood Watch

2013 nov 04 notice from Janet Honek We have not received any detailed information about the intruders beyond the fact someone tried to move the “abandoned” car. An alert resident noticed it and called 911. The police apprehended the driver. 2013 oct 29 notice from 


In the last couple of weeks we have had almost twenty burglaries in the Soledad Canyon area that we suspect have been committed by the same people. We would like to request assistance from residents in watching for the following vehicles in their neighborhoods. A