Committees and Volunteers

With the publication of our new website, we have received a few suggestions on various committees that some of our members would like to see. The TCA is an all volunteer organization. The Board of Directors are all volunteers who have other commitments in their lives. They also may or may not share someones enthusiasm for a particular topic. However, that does not mean that any committee on a specific topic does not deserve to be heard at our meetings or to be published online.

Any member is encouraged to suggest and lead a committee to investigate and present topics that are of interest to TCA members and our community. Talk to your neighbors and other residents. We’ll even publicize it on our web site. Then you can present your ideas at the next general meeting and seek additional committee members or feedback from the TCA membership. Our association will only be successful if we have broad participation from our members.

So, if you have a topic that you feel is of interest to the Talavera community, AND you are willing to commit your time and efforts, the TCA is a forum for you to present your ideas and share your knowledge. If you are ready to start, and want us to publish it on the web site, you may contact either Larry Cottingham, or Janet Honek. To get a place on the agenda of our next meeting, you may contact any TCA Board of Directors member.