Another Successful Clean-up, Pot-Luck and Meeting

Area residents meet at the fire station Saturday morning to get assignments and supplies for the clean-up.

Saturday morning, over 50 residents from the Organ Mesa, Desert Mirage and Soledad Canyon areas volunteered their time to pick up trash on our roads and at the BLM Monte-Vista trailhead for A-Mountain. Organizer Daren Bloomquist was very pleased with the turnout and reported that it was the biggest turnout ever for the TCA’s semi-annual cleanup. The weather was almost perfect, sunny and not too hot. Residents were enthusiastic and several reported that the trash did not seem as bad as past clean-ups. The TCA sponsors road clean-ups twice a year. The next cleanup is tentatively scheduled for next February. Of course, many residents routinely pick up trash when they are out walking in the neighborhood. A big THANK-YOU to all the residents who volunteered for their community.

Sept 2009 cleanup 006
Organ Mesa Ranch residents who participated in Saturday’s clean-up.

Saturday afternoon, around 70 residents came to the fire station for a pot-luck dinner and the regularly scheduled meeting of the TCA. Speaking as someone who likes to eat, I believe this pot-luck had a large and excellent selection of food. In fact with the quality and variety of food available, I may never miss another pot-luck again! Obviously many local residents are excellent cooks.

During the meeting, residents heard presentations from Carol Rehder on dark skies and light pollution, and board member Helen Zagona on a proposal to limit the speaking time in an effort to shorten the meetings. We also heard from state senator and Talavera resident Steve Fischman, and county commissioner and Talavera resident Karen Perez. Commissioner Perez and board member Zagona, presented the latest information on the new high school currently under construction just north of Dripping Springs road and the expected impact it will have on traffic.

Other items discussed at the meeting included purchasing a new Talavera sign for our area, updates to the web site and the ability for residents to post ads on the site, the need for volunteers for the Fire department, a request for volunteers for maintaing the BLM A-mountain rest area on the east side of A mountain and the TCA will get ‘adopt-a-highway’ recognition for our clean-up efforts. The full minutes of the meeting are being prepared and will be posted on the web site shortly. Daren also sold tickets($10 a plate) for the Fire Department’s smoked brisket dinner fund raiser, scheduled for Saturday October 10. Tickets are still available from any VFD member, or see the September 24 posting on this web site for Email links to purchase tickets.

Residents line up and fill their plates at the pot-luck.
Residents line up and fill their plates at the pot-luck.