Proposed New Talavera Sign

Here is the proposed new sign. The membership approved spending up to $800 for this sign at the meeting. Talavera resident Mark Isler is donating the design and labor for the sign. It will be installed at the intersection of Dripping Springs Rd. and Soledad Canyon Rd. on property owned by TCA treasurer Tom Smith.


One comment

  • Mitch Alamag on 2009/10/14 at 5:41 pm said:

    Great! You may want the design to consider the fact that the hanging signs will be subject to high winds.
    One further suggestion related to signage:
    The Talavera Community would also benefit from a distinctive street name sign. The current county street sign (Soledad Canyon Rd.) is difficult to find/read (ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT AND ESPECIALLY FOR VISITORS).
    I have seen in (thoughtful) communities simple street name signs with much larger font (and low to the ground so as to not be disturbing). Additionally, they are located 500 feet BEFORE THE INTERSECTION so you have adequate warning to slow down before the turn. This would be very helpful at several locations such as when northbound Soledad abruptly comes to a T-intersection at Dripping Springs and southbound when it abruptly turns east at the fire station. Surely people have plowed through both, ie. the destroyed barricade and fence, and I can only imagine how many people go flying onto the gravel at the fire station.
    On another issue, would it be possible to request Curry Organ Mesa development or the TCA to build a simple stone wall at the SW corner of DS and SC to conceal all the electrical/telephone equipment? It would make a much nicer entrance to our beautiful Talavera Community!
    Thanks for this venue to share thoughts.
    Sincerely, Mitch Alamag 4901 Chippewa Trail