Important Neighborhood Meeting

As you may be aware, the LC School District will start the site work for the new high school to be built in our area, on Dripping Springs Road, this summer.  It is expected that the school may be ready to open its doors in two years.  The District has said that there will be at least 2,000 students plus faculty and staff at the new school on opening day.

So far, there has been very little planning or coordination with the city and the county to handle the huge volume of traffic this new school will create.  The School District currently has plans to offer only one entrance to the school.  Students and visitors will turn north, off of Dripping Sprigs Road onto a short road that will run along the east side of the school site.  Eventually, this piece of roadway will become part of Sonoma Ranch Boulevard.  The intersection of this road and Dripping Springs Road will be just west of the “A Mountain Curve” where the gravel trucks are currently entering.

Huge amounts of traffic can be expected at the Dripping Springs/Sonoma Ranch Blvd. intersection and continuing all along University to I-25, especially during the heavy commute times.  The impact will be enormous to all neighborhoods using University and Dripping Springs Road.

A possible access from Missouri was also discussed at an earlier meeting and all three roads (Sonoma Ranch Blvd, Dripping Springs, and Missouri have been submitted to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for inclusion in their Transportation Improvement Projects (TIP) list.  However, the state highway commission makes the final determination on those projects and it often takes years for any of them to materialize.

We have invited the School District, the City, the MPO and NMSU to meet with us to discuss this situation and to address our concerns on this one important topic.  Please come and bring your questions, concerns and solution ideas!

Date:  Wednesday, March 4th
Time:  7:00PM
Place:  Good Sam Auditorium, 3011 Buena Vida Circle (just off Telshor)
Contact Person:   Helen Zagona, 532-5668,