Let’s Stay In Touch!

The Talavera Community Association is trying to make it easier to communicate with our members and neighbors or anyone who is interested in current events of the Talavera community. We would like to make our website the primary means of communication. So we have recently made some changes to the site.

First, notice the scrolling box in the upper left side. That box will contain the latest announcements, planned meetings, and news or activities that may be of interest to the community. Next, notice the icons under the scrolling box. Those icons give you 3 ways to get the latest news from us. If you use RSS and an RSS reader, (such as Newsgator or Google Reader), you can subscribe using the orange icon. If you are a Twitter user, you can follow us on Twitter. Click the blue icon. If you would prefer to get updates via Email, click the green icon and you can get the latest news via Email.

It’s our goal to make the website THE bulletin board for our area. Suggestions are always welcome. Leave a comment on the site and we will read them.

More changes and enhancements are on the way. Coming soon… our Facebook page!