Neighborhood Cleanup & Potluck Saturday, September 26, 2009

8:30AM roadway cleanup Meet at the fire house to pick up supplies and assignments. Wear long sleeves & bring garden gloves. We will have a dumpster at the station for your use.

5:30 potluck with 6:00 meeting

Included interest areas are new high school road issues, Carol Rehder on the “dark skies” program, legislative updates, flood control updates, traffic issues on Dripping Springs & Soledad (Do YOU speed or tailgate?) and several others.

WE ARE TRYING SOMETHING NEW…In order to shorten meetings that sometimes tend to run long we will use strict timing for both presenters and responders, something in the area of 2 to 3 minutes each. We will try to have as many chairs available as possible but it’s not a bad idea to bring your own if you want to be sure of a seat. If nothing else you may help a neighbor sit instead of stand.

Please feel free to contact TCA Board members if you would like to add anything to the agenda. We will try to accommodate you if possible.

Douglas Hoffman (President)

Gary Kology (V-P)

Janet Honek (Secretary)

Tom Smith (Treasurer)

Helen Zagona (Director)

Tom Brophy (Director)

“Our democratic form of government is a wonderful thing, but for us as a community to get our voices heard requires people who are willing to offer some time and effort to the community. ”