Talavera Community Association needs your support!

The Talavera Community Association is the successor to the Soledad Canyon Homeowners Association. We have a long history in the Soledad Canyon/Talavera area. The TCA is an educational and support organization. We act as advocates for our neighborhood.

The organization is an entirely volunteer organization. The members of the board of directors are all volunteers. Even our membership dues are voluntary. But now the TCA needs your help!

The President and Vice President are leaving and one of our members-at-large is now the new state senator for our district and is also leaving the board. The current secretary and treasurer are willing to stay in their positions. We need residents who are willing to volunteer their time to continue the work done by the Talavera Community Association.

The duties of these positions are simple and require only a small investment of your time. The President organizes and coordinates (with the help of the other board members) the 4 quarterly meetings of the TCA. In addition, the president may need to attend an occasional County commission meeting or ETZ meeting. The vice president shares this responsibility with the president. In addition, all members of the board should be willing to listen to the concerns of neighborhood residents and bring them to the attention of the TCA for discussion at our meetings. No previous experience needed – just be a Talavera property owner and current resident of Talavera.

There are issues that face our community. The on-going concerns over the flood mapping project, the potential traffic problems that will be created by the new proposed high school and continuing attempts to re-zone our neighborhood to higher density are some of these issues. Some of our area residents are actively involved in these issues, attending County meetings, organizing and disseminating news and information.

We all chose to live here, so we know you care about your neighborhood. It’s time to show you care and donate a little time and energy. You are needed and can make a difference. If you know of a neighbor who would be great in these positions, call them and tell them you want to nominate them. If you have any questions, please contact one of our board members, or just come to our next meeting on Saturday, February 21 at the Talavera Fire Station.