Meeting Minutes Posted and Outstanding Citizen Award

Daren Bloomquist

At right is long-time Talavera resident Daren Bloomquist. Daren was presented with an ‘Outstanding Citizen Award’ at the February 20th meeting of the Talavera Community Association. The award was in recognition of Daren’s many contributions to the Talavera neighborhood. In addition to coordinating the neighborhood road cleanups for the past 18 years, Daren is a past president and founding member of the Soledad Canyon Homeowners Association (the forerunner of todday’s TCA), 11 year member of the Los Alturas Volunteer Fire Department, and has given his time unselfishly for the improvement of the Talavera neighborhood. You can read the full list of Daren’s contributions to our neighborhood in the minutes of last Saturday’s general meeting. The minutes can be found here,and on the TCA Meeting Minutes page of the web site.

On the Meeting Minutes page, I have deleted the minutes for all meetings prior to 2005. Five years of minutes is probably more than anyone wants to read.

Congratulations Daren!