Update for Talavera Mutual Water Users

From Karen Perez:

The tanks are not even close to full and Bernie is still hauling water.   Please do NOT use water for anything that is non-essential; some of us have not had water since Thursday and are not even able to flush toilets.  It will take several days to fill the tanks and balance the system with the well pumps.  These have only been pumping since Saturday afternoon and they cannot keep up.  Think carefully before you run a dishwater or do laundry – make that shower a little shorter than normal, and absolutely do NOT use any outside water for any reason.  And please remember to thank the members of the fire department, Bernie Digman and Daren Bloomquist especially, and the Dona Ana County Utilities Department, that have spent the last three days hauling water and fixing broken equipment.  Thanks so much!

Karen Perez
County Commissioner
District 3

Additional Note: Talavera Community Association secretary Janet Honek, would like all residents to be aware that she may send Email notices using “janet@sunspotenergy.com” email address. If you are using a white-list to control your spam, please add Janet’s sunspotenergy.com email address to your white list, or unblock it from your spam filter.