New Update for Talavera Water Users

As of about half an hour ago, we found another leak on Minniec.  I ask that people not only check their own property (turn off all water and go out and make sure your meter is not running) but neighbors that are out of town, look for leaks on the street, etc., etc.  We need everyone to help and either call me, Bernie Digman or Daren Bloomquist if you spot anything suspicious.  One of us will then notify the County for a repair.  The tanks have to be full and equipment running to keep everyone operational.  If there are leaks, the tanks will lose water and it takes DAYS for them to refill.  In the meantime, please continue to be conservative and considerate with the water use.  It will take awhile to fix all the broken parts and find all of the problems.  Thanks!

Please use these numbers only for emergency contact numbers since these are private numbers (except Karen’s, of course).
Karen Perez 644-4055 or the home is 522-3221 (she’s not there much),
Daren Bloomquist is 644-9163,
Bernie Digman is 640-1867