Property Tax Information for Homeowners

The following information is provided as a service for Talavera Area homeowners:
Here is some information compiled by residents about property tax exemptions information:

Some homeowners may not know they have ‘exemptions.’  Every property owner can file for “Head of Household” exemption and for $2,000.00 subtracted from their ‘taxable value’.

The Head of Household deduction can be applied for in three ways.

It can be requested when the NOTICE OF VALUE letter is recevied by the homeowner in the first week of April, since they are sent out March 31.  The notice contains a section to apply for the exemption and then mail back by April 30th.
You can physically go into the Assessor’s office at 845 N. Motel Blvd and fill out the paperwork there.
You can call 647-7400 and request it be faxed to you and you can fill it out and send it back.

In all instances the deadline for applying is April 30, 2012. This will affect 2012 taxation.  Also, once it is filled out it remains in effect and doesn’t have to be done again unless there is a change in status.  Also those individuals that 65 or older can request a freeze on the 3% automatic value increase, although this is based on all income, taxable and non-taxable. It is applied for annually. The application can be done the same way and it included in the NOTICE OF VALUE that you will receive.

In addition, there is a $4000.00 exemption for each Veteran in the household, if your household has two veterans you get a $4000.00 exemption for each veteran.  These added together gives a $10,000.00 exemption which is subtracted from the taxable value, or almost a 10% reduction in property taxes.  Again, the exemptions are subtracted from the ‘taxable’ value, not the ‘assessed’ value.   A rough calculation indicates that it amounts to about a 1% reduction for each $1000.00 of your exemption.

If you paid less for your house, than it was assessed for prior to your purchase, you can take a copy of your closing statement to the Dona Ana County Tax office and have the assessment valuation reduced to the price you paid for your home.

Be sure to contact the office of the Dona Ana County Assessor for details and additional information.  There are certain deadlines for claiming exemptions, 100% disabled veterans get a different type of exemption, veteran exemptions must be claimed in person, etc.

Thank you

Janet Honek
TCA Secretary