ETZ Commission Schedules Meeting Agenda for April 17, 2014

Initial zoning of the 16-acre parcel, located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Dripping Springs Road and access to Tortugas Mountain Trails Recreation Area, is once again on the agenda of the ETZ.

On April 17 at 6PM the Extra-Territorial Zoning Commission is scheduled to meet in Commission Chambers in the Doña Ana County Government Center, 845 N. Motel Blvd, to discuss County staff recommendation to rezone the 16-acre parcel (case Z13-005/DAC) “ER3C3” — planned commercial development..

Sonoma Dripping Springs Parcel

For more information: Doña Ana County website
Agenda and information regarding the ER3C3 recommendation. Agenda

On page 27 of the Agenda document, you’ll find the recommended permitted uses, those with and without conditions and the strikeouts from the list, which are not permitted. Steve Meadows stressed this is a draft and it is not likely to be the final product. It is definitely worth looking at to give you an idea of what could appear at this parcel should the rezoning be approved. Written comments and documents must be hand delivered or emailed to Steve Meadows by close of business Thursday, April 10, to be included in the packet for the Commission. You may also present information to the Commission at the public hearing on April 17. As you may know from attendance at previous meetings, the Commission will hear staff’s recommendation, vote on it, and send their recommendation to the ETA. Thank you again for letting the ETZ Commission know your thoughts on this matter. Email, call, or hand deliver documents by COB Thursday, April 10, to: Steve Meadows 575-525-6121. Please call or email Dael and Peter Goodman if you have any questions.

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