Holloman to Host Army Aviation Exercise


Release No. 14-09-02
Sept. 5, 2014


by Arlan Ponder
49th Wing Public Affairs

Approximately 30 aircraft from the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade will conduct high-altitude mountain training in the military operating areas around Holloman, Fort Bliss and White Sands Missile Range from Sept. 6 to Oct. 15.

“We will be conducting training in preparation for future deployments,” said Capt. Gina Thacher, 101 CAB Public Affairs officer. “We are looking forward to training at Holloman and experiencing the great hospitality of the people of the Tularosa Basin and Sacramento Mountains.”

The exercise, HAMETS (Army Aviation High Altitude Mountain Environmental Training Strategy), will feature aircraft ranging from UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters to AH-64 Apache helicopters to CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

The aircraft will conduct day and night training in accordance with all published local, Federal Aviation Administration and Air Force regulations. All flights will take place within airspace designated by the FAA to include WSMR.

Every effort to utilize airspace over WSMR will be made. However, that airspace is only available when testing or other development activity is not being conducted. In addition to the restricted airspace within WSMR, the airspace above McGregor Range and within military operation areas north and east of Holloman could be used for this exercise.

“With an exercise of this scope, we realize there will be some impact to the communities in Otero, Lincoln and Dona Ana counties,” said Lt. Bryant Davis, 49th Wing Public Affairs officer. “We will make every effort to balance the requirements of training with reducing the impact on our neighboring communities, while also ensuring all the required goals of the exercise are met.”

As part of the training, residents could experience low flying aircraft during this exercise as well as military personnel driving slowly though local areas during the day and night. However, should anyone feel something is questionable or seems out of place, they are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Department or the 49th Wing Public Affairs office at 575-572-5406 or 575-572-7383 during regular business hours, or 575-572-7575 after hours.