Zia Natural Gas Company & Talavera

March 19, 2015, email received from Ron Reynolds, District Manager for Zia Natural Gas Company, regarding Zia supplying natural gas service to Talavera:

Thank you for contacting me about the possibility of Zia Natural Gas Company supplying natural gas service to the Talavera community. Currently under the Rio Grande Natural Gas Re-organization agreement, the City of Las Cruces (I believe) has first rights to service the area. If the City is unable to service the area Zia Natural Gas Company would welcome the opportunity to service the area and all residents. If the City of Las Cruces would agree then Zia Natural Gas Company (ZNGC) would start to work immediately on obtaining the proper documentation to supply gas service in a timely manner to the area.  Applications to ZNGC are welcomed. I am attaching a link to our website which describes the services, safety, rates, conservation, application for service, emergency response as well as COSTs to connect.

Again thank you for your interest and we hope to be your service provider.

Ron Reynolds
District Manager
Zia Natural Gas Company
3700 W. Picacho Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88007