Dec 1st, P&Z Meeting Outcome

At the December 1st, P&Z meeting the Commissioners voted to change the R5L Lot Coverage to 12,500 sq.ft. or 10%, whichever is greater.

Lot Coverage is total square footage of all impervious surfaces on one parcel: primary residence, porches, storage, accessory dwelling, accessory buildings, barns, cement driveways. The P&Z added an amendment to R5L Lot Coverage to exclude the driveway leading to the primary residence from total Lot Coverage.

These proposed changes, along with prior P&Z proposed amendments, are slated for approval by the BOCC on December 13, 2016. P&Z Recommendations to UDC.

Lot Coverage by Percentage 

acres sqft 10%
1 43,560 4,356
2 87,120 8,712
3 130,680 13,068
4 174,240 17,424
5 217,800 21,780

Current Lot Sizes

Lot Sizes

Proposed UDC Zoning, November 17th, 2016

Proposed UDC Zoning for Talavera as of Nov 17th, 2016

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