More Headaches in the UDC – Nov 3rd P&Z Agenda

The following is an excerpt from the P&Z Agenda [Article 5 link] this Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 9:00 am, County Government Center:

3.  Review list of uses in the Land Use Matrix as RV Parks are permitted in the T2 zone. Staff has corrected this designation and changed RV parks from P to S in T2 and T2L zones…”
Article 5, UDC Proposal revised
Fine print: the P&Z can authorize a ‘special use permit’ allowing an RV Park in our area. Not good.

The ETZ requires a Public Hearing for any Special Use Permits. The UDC allows ‘Administrative Approval’ of Special Use Permits with no Public Hearing according to Section 2.4.1

“The Zoning Administrator may administratively approve a special use permit if no written objections are received within 21 days from the date that notice is provided consistent with Section 2.4.3 provided all agency review comments are satisfactorily addressed.” pg21 UDC

Other Areas of Concern

There are other ‘Permitted’(P), ‘Special Use Permit’(S), and ‘Agricultural, On Farm Operations Only’(A) items listed in the Land Use Classification Matrix table that might be objectionable to our residents.
please open the Article 5 link for entire list 

(P) = ‘Permitted’
(S) = ‘Special Use Permit’
(A) = ‘Agricultural, On Farm Operations Only’

under ‘Office‘ T2L zone only
Laboratory, Scientific, Agricultural Research, Office and Service (S)

under ‘Agriculture’ 
Auction Yard (S) – T2L zone only
Greenhouse and Nursery, Commercial (S) – T2L, D1L, R5L zones

under ‘Automotive’ T2L zone only
Automobile, SUV Repair, Sales or Service (S)
Automobile Garages, Painting or Auto Body Work (S)
Auto-Related Repair and Service, But Not Auto Painting or Body Work (S)

under ‘Civil Support
Animal Hospital, Veterinary Clinic and Kennel, Ag Office and Medical Research – (P) – T2L zone, (S) – R5L zone
Health Service, Public or Private (S) – T2L, D1L zones

under ‘Industrial’ 
Wireless Communications Facility (S) – T2L, D1L, R5L zones
Food and Fiber Processing (S) – T2L zone only
Mini-Storage Unit (S) – T2L zone only
Wrecking Service (S) – T2L zone only

Please see entire Article 5; this is just a few examples of items listed in the Land Use Classification Matrix that affect us.

Nov 3rd P&Z Agenda
Article 5, UDC Proposal revised