Current UDC Status & Next BOCC Meeting – November 9th

IMPORTANT Meeting: BOCC – November 9, 2016 – Government Center

18. Approve Publication of Title and General Summary of an Ordinance Adopting the Unified Development Code (UDC).  Agenda

P&Z Meeting, November 3rd, 2016

Perry, Helen, Ken and Karen attended the P&Z meeting, along with residents of the area. (Steve is a workingman and Jerry is on a well-deserved vacation.)

The P&Z Commissioners acknowledged the need to keep Talavera as is and spent 5 hours trying to find a way, without creating a special zone ‘just’ for Talavera. One option was adjusting the current T2 zone usage, however, P&Z felt there wasn’t enough time to properly investigate all the ramifications this change would make countywide. It seems we are the only area in the county that prohibits mobile homes and commercial use. P&Z’s final decision – pitch it back to the County Commissioners with this recommendation:

All parcels less than 5 acres should be zoned D1-L, (D1-L is a residential parcel 1-acre or more)


All parcels 5 or more acres should be zoned R5-L, (R5-L is a residential parcel 5 or more acres)

This means NO mobile homes, NO RV parks, and NO commercial businesses (other than what is currently allowed) east of A-Mtn. – FABULOUS.

Allows for subdivision into 1-acre parcels in all areas zoned D1-L. – NOT GOOD.

This map is the change that would occur if P&Z recommendation is passed by BOCC on Nov 9th.
Orange striped – R5-L
Yellow striped – D1-L
Natural or Not Zoned – N

Nov 3rd Proposed Zoning

One option discussed by the P&Z was to zone our entire area R5L (requires 5+ acre parcels). P&Z decided against it because they did not want to leave half of us in non-conformance.

After discussion among the TCA Board and locating the specific UDC code outlining non-conformance rights, we believe an R5L zone for parcels ER2 & R5L, is our best option (assuming we can’t get the BOCC to create a residential zone that meets our larger parcel size requirements and usage).

Please investigate pages 28 thru 31, Section 2.9, of the Proposed UDC to verify this option would work for you. We cannot know all the ramifications this zone change would have on your specific property or your specific land use. You must read the fine print.

Uses and structures that were lawful at the time they were established, but would now be prohibited are legal nonconforming uses. Such legal nonconforming uses shall be permitted to continue, but any enlargement, expansion, or extension of the nonconforming use or structure shall be permitted only if the nonconforming use or structure complies with the requirements of this Chapter, except as herein stated. Refer to Table 5.1 Land Use Classification Matrix: Zoning Districts.

Send us your thoughts and suggestions.

Your TCA Board