Perfect Solution / Acceptable Solution – UDC & TALAVERA


The TCA Board met last night to brainstorm solutions to the UDC zones proposed. We want to thank those residents who emailed comments and concerns regarding UDC proposed zone ramifications. One resident, thankfully, pointed out the 5% Lot coverage maximum limit for T2, R5 and R5L.

We believe we have come up with a ‘Perfect Solution,’ followed by an ‘Acceptable Solution.’

Your TCA Board

Please attend the BOCC meeting
November 9th
9:00 a.m.
Government Center

Perfect solution:
All parcels zoned ER3 & ER3c  ——— D1L
All parcels zoned ER2 =  ——— R2L with Lot Coverage 12,000
All parcels zoned ER1 =  ——— R5L
If our ‘Perfect solution’ is not acceptable then the following alternative zoning would be workable if we could clarify some Lot Coverage, Accessory Dwelling and legal nonconformance issues.
Alternative solution: 
All parcels zoned ER3, ER3c ——— zone D1L
All parcels zoned ER2, ER1——— zone R5L

We want the BOCC / P&Z / County Staff to clarify and/or answer questions before we proceed with ‘Alternative Solution.’

Pg 114, Proposed UDC
Table 5.4 Site Standards: T2, R5, and R5L Zone
7.1 Lot Coverage 5% max
T2 – 1 Accessory dwelling limited to 1,250 sq. ft. and 1 Accessory dwelling permitted for every 5 acres of lot area, R5 & R5L – Special Use Permit (S) required.

If the owner of a 2-acre parcel zoned R5L wanted to build a residence, the Lot Coverage 5% limit would be 4356 sqft for primary residence, porches/patios, garages, accessory buildings, driveways, pavements, parking areas, etc. This requirement would make it illegal to build a ~3000 sqft home on 2 acres.

Possibly, UDC error?
(D1L) 1+ acre parcel can build an accessory building more than three times larger then a (T2) 2+ acre parcel. A D1-L accessory building (5,000 sqft) can be larger than the maximum lot coverage of a T2 (2-acre parcel).

Pg126, Proposed UDC
Table 5.8 Site Standards: D1(L) Zone
8.  Lot Coverage Not Applicable  — (no maximum lot coverage)
7.1  Accessory Buildings: 5,000 square feet or 10% of lot area, whichever is greater

2 acre lot = 87120 sqft
87120 sqft x .05 = 4356 sqft total allowed for residence+

Would the legal nonconforming land owner be able to build a larger, 5000 sqft, home on his 2-acre parcel and still be within the legal nonconformance guidelines? Section 2.9 Proposed UDC, pgs 128-131. Would the ETZ §250-81, Residential development standards, be grandfathered for any land/property future development or remodeling/additions to current buildings?