Update on PRC Petition

The TCA Board is forward the following email from Steve Fischmann regarding PRC Petition:

We have collected 283 sign ons to our petition to the PRC requesting that full need assessments and studies of potential lower cost alternatives to the proposed Talavera substation and all future Transmission and Distribution investments be required from EPE.

Thanks to Paul and Tim Curry, Perry Ashby, Jerry Gammel and Danny Miller for helping with the petition effort.

The county has begun the process of drafting a resolution supporting our petition. We believe this “good government” proposal will enjoy broad public support and can help make monopoly utilities far more responsive to community concerns.

Thanks to all who have signed the petition. For those who would still like to sign on please contact Steve Fischmann at Stephen.Fischmann@gmail.com through Sunday, Dec. 3. A copy of the petition is attached.