EPE Substation Update

The Dona Ana County Commission unanimously passed the attached resolution (minus paragraph’s 3 & 5) requesting the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) to require thorough justification of all significant future substation and power line projects. That includes the Talavera substation.
The resolution serves to support the petition we sent to the PRC asking for a complete study of need for the Talavera project and potential alternatives. That petition is currently being reviewed by PRC staff.
It’s a big deal because EPE spends about $100 million annually on these projects and they get charged to customers without any significant independent vetting.
Thanks to the commission, particularly commissioners Ben Rawson for sticking with this through a couple of iterations, and Billy Garrett for helping craft a resolution that protects all county residents, not just our community.  More thanks to the 320 Talavera and county residents who took the trouble to sign on to the Talavera petition and to the TCA for providing a forum to address this issue.

Steve Fischmann

Co-Chair, NM Fair Lending Coalition
PO Box 2580
Mesilla Park, NM 88047