Next Steps in Talavera City Gas Project – Purging Gas Lines

Carl Clark, Deputy Director, City Utilities has sent an update of the Talavera City Gas Project.

I know that you have been seeing lots of activity in your neighborhood regarding the Natural Gas Extension Project. The high pressure gas line and gas regulator station on Dripping Springs are both substantially complete at this time, the Contractor for the high pressure gas line will be extending the low pressure gas line 400 feet further south on Dripping Springs, in order to supply gas to the one new home on the north side, as requested by the owner.  The City of Las Cruces/Las Cruces Utilities Dept. is currently providing Natural Gas to customers on Talavera Avenue. This work was completed in house by our Gas Operations side.  Our Gas Operations group will continue work and will be purging the low pressure gas line on Soledad Canyon Road from the Fire Station heading east, starting next week with the help of a private contractor.  Purging displaces the air in the gas line with natural gas, as you are aware the low pressure gas line on Soledad Canyon Road was installed prior to the County roadway expansion project.  We could not purge the line during the project because there was no gas available at that time.

Below you will find a list of streets where the purging events are to take place and I have attached a PDF of the areas that will be purged, this list and map can be shared with the neighborhood so that they are aware of our activities, we anticipate to have this activity completed within two to three weeks.

1. Tierra Blanca Rd. 10. Apex Mine Tr.
2. Copper Bar Rd. 11. Lost Padre Mine Rd.
3. Black Quartz Rd. 12. Cueva Mine Tr.
4. Wild Horse Rd. * 13. Alamo Mine Tr.
5. Ruby Mine Rd. 14. Modoc Tr.
6. Cripple Creek Rd. 15. Chippewa Tr.
7. Silver King Rd. 16. Camino Leon Ct.
8. Heno Mine Rd. 17. Alma Rd.
9. Rock House Rd. 18. Wrangler Pl.

The next major phase to the project is the installation of low pressure gas line identified in the attached map as Project Area-3A.  We already have a contractor on board for this work and hope to get started the month of June or July at the latest after all contracting documents agreements have been executed, along with County Permits.  I do intend to have individual neighborhood meetings (pending the status of the Covid-19 virus) for Desert Mirage & Organ Mesa to discuss the landscaping and introduce the Contractor to the neighborhoods. I hope to lean on you for help contacting the neighborhoods for these meetings since your website seems to be the best method to contact the residents, we will continue with mailings to these areas.  Please let me know if you need anything.

Carl N. Clark
Deputy Director/Las Cruces Utilities/ENVR/TS
Direct: 575-528-3548 Main: 575-528-3500,