New Officers Elected to TCA Board

At the February 21 meeting, 4 new members were elected to the TCA Board of Directors, and 2 officers were re-elected. The new Officers are: Douglas Hoffman – TCA President Gary Kology – TCA Vice President Tom Brophy Jr. – Member at Large Helen Zagona – Member at Large and Chairman of the High School Impact Committee Tom Smith, TCA Treasurer and Janet Honek, TCA Secretary were re-elected. The full minutes of the February 21 meeting will be posted shortly.

Talavera Community Association needs your support!

The Talavera Community Association is the successor to the Soledad Canyon Homeowners Association. We have a long history in the Soledad Canyon/Talavera area. The TCA is an educational and support organization. We act as advocates for our neighborhood. The organization is an entirely volunteer organization. The members of the board of directors are all volunteers. Even our membership dues are voluntary. But now the TCA needs your help! The President and Vice President are leaving and one of our members-at-large is now the new state senator for our district and is also leaving the board. The current secretary and treasurer are

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House Explosion Rocks Talavera Area

Many Talavera residents were awoken about 2:30 AM this morning by a loud explosion and subsequent fire. According to news reports this morning, the explosion occured at 4852 Deadwood Camp Ct., in the Miners Ridge neighborhood. According to the Dona Ana Conty assesor’s records, the house is listed under the name of Paul and Kimberlee Hering. The news reports indicate that the house was unoccupied and for sale. News reports also indicate that several adjacent homes suffered damage as a result of the explosion. At this time, no cause has been determined. I found the best local news coverage so

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October 15 Meetings: 1 Win, 1 Loss

The Talavera Community Association had mixed results on the October 15 meetings. At the 9 AM County Commission Meeting, the County Commission voted 4-1 to approve our petition to request that FEMA withdraw the Fillmore/Tellbrook Arroyo flood plain study, and have it redone. In general the commissioners were impressed with the work done by the Noahs Ark Group Study(NAGS), led by Mike Park and John Smith. They commended the community activism and the community’s willingness to donate our own money for this study. The lone dissenting vote was cast by commissioner Oscar Vasquez Butler. Mr Butler’s reason for dissenting is

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