October 15th… Two Important Meetings!

Please mark Wednesday, October 15 on your calendar.There are 2 county meetings of great importance to Talavera residents. At 9:00 AM, the regular County Commission meeting will occur. The Noahs Ark Group Study (NAGS) petition to request a new study of the Tellbrook/Filmore Arroyo flood plain will be presented to the board. A strong turnout by area residents is needed to show our support for this request. The agenda for the meeting can be found at THIS LINK. Note that our request is item # 25. At 5:00 Pm on the same day, the ETA (Extra Territorial Authority) will consider

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Flood Study Results

The Noahs Ark Group Study (NAGS) flood plain mapping results were presented to area residents in a meeting that was held Wednesday September 17, at the Farm and Ranch theater. Approximately 75 area residents attended the meeting along with State Senator Lee Rawson, and a representative from the staff of U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman. The study, prepared by Mr. J. E. Fuller of E Fuller/Hydrology & Geomorphology, INC., found serious flaws in the original FEMA study. Links to the documents presented to NAGS and at the meeting have been added on a separate page labeled NAGS documents. The links to

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Old FEMA Postings

The old sample FEMA challenge letters and petition have been moved. The text of these documents can be found here. federal-agency-letters fema-challenge-petition