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New Update for Talavera Water Users

As of about half an hour ago, we found another leak on Minniec.  I ask that people not only check their own property (turn off all water and go out and make sure your meter is not running) but neighbors that are out of town, 

Update for Talavera Mutual Water Users

From Karen Perez: The tanks are not even close to full and Bernie is still hauling water.   Please do NOT use water for anything that is non-essential; some of us have not had water since Thursday and are not even able to flush toilets.  It 

Important Notice for Talavera Water Users

The extreme cold has resulted in freezing of some of the distribution lines of the Talavera Mutual Water Co, and the managers are requesting that Talavera Mutual Water users conserve water as much as possible.  They are working on the system and hope to have 

Talavera Mutual Water Users Association Meeting

There will be a special meeting for for all members of the Talavera Mutual Water Users Association this Thursday, June 17th, 6:30 PM t the fire station.