Dripping Springs Road Project Update

The TCA has received the following update on the Dripping Springs Road project from County Commissioner Karen Perez:

To all of the concerned neighbors:

I am tracking this project on a daily basis. First, I attended the
meeting where Jorge Granados and Paul Dugie informed TCA that the
construction would not begin until the end of August or September. I
remember this distinctly because I griped about the conflict with the
school schedule. There are several reasons for the delay:

1. We cannot construct an arroyo during the rainy season, for obvious
2. We have not received the funding. GRIP II is funneled through the
NMDOT and they are still shuffling paperwork. Senator Rawson ought to
know that even though he “appropriated” this money, it does not fall
into our bank instantaneously.
3. Once we receive the funding, we need to construct the bypass road
(Geothermal Road is not an option because it is often impassible as
well) and order the bridge section.

I am not happy with the continued backfill operation and I agree that
the crossing is dangerous when it is washed out. Mr. Granados told me
that we get all of our fill dirt free from EBID; we pay approximately
$400 for labor each time we backfill. He has also ordered some big
concrete barriers and will place these as soon as they are received.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. Hopefully I have
addressed at least some of your concerns, but please do not hesitate to
call me at home (522-3221) or on my cell (644-4055). Thanks for your
comments –

Karen Perez
County Commissioner
District 3