UDC – Letter to County Community Development Dept


Our letter to the County with more fine-tuning. We believe this covers our residents’ immediate concerns regarding mobile homes and manufactured homes allowed east of A-Mtn. Please join us at the Government Center, Tuesday, Oct 25th, 9:00 am, in support of this request.


Ms. Janine Divyak, Chief Planner
Community Development Department
845 N. Motel Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM 88007

Ms. Divyak,

Enclosed, please find the changes we would like to see implemented in the proposed UDC and proposed UDC zoning map.

One of the attractive features of this area of Doña Ana County has been the fact that there are no mobile homes or manufactured homes allowed. Therefore, the proposed UDC has disturbed and appalled many of our residents and landowners.

An email Ms. Angela Roberson forwarded suggested that Comm. Rawson “didn’t fully understand that the changes could be made and approved by the BOCC at the public hearing.” If this is correct then these changes should be easy to implement before the public hearing.

Incidentally, we are very thankful Comm. Rawson brought this to our attention as the proposed UDC would have significantly impacted every resident and landowner in our area. The County would then be negatively affected by subsequent tax revenue decreases as land and property values drop.

Thank you so much for your attention and consideration.

The TCA Board


The Talavera (and surrounding residents and landowners, east of A-Mountain and adjacent to Dripping Springs Road and Soledad Canyon Road), want the following corrected in the UDC, Article 5 and UDC Zoning Map:

Article 5., Zoning Districts and Requirements, Final Draft UDC clean 9/30/2016.
We request ‘Transect Zones’ pg102 and ‘Use Zones’ pg103 that reflect the Talavera (and surrounding land east of A-Mountain and adjacent to Dripping Springs Road and Soledad Canyon Road) current zoning accurately. The T2 rural zone, D1L, and R5L are close except for the allowance of mobile homes and manufactured homes in T2 and manufactured homes in D1L and R5L zones. The Land Use Matrix, pg105 does not have an option for ‘Manufactured Homes.’

Add item T2L to Transect Zones, pg102.
Add T2L category to Transect Zones on Land Use Matrix, pg105
Add ‘Manufactured Home’ option in ‘Primary Use of Property’, Land Use Matrix, pg105

On Land Use Matrix, pg105
Show T2L not permitted: Mobile Home
Show T2L not permitted: Manufactured Home
Show D1L not permitted: Mobile Home  (UDC 9/30/2016 currently reflects this)
Show D1L not permitted: Manufactured Home
Show R5L not permitted: Mobile Home  (UDC 9/30/2016 currently reflects this)
Show R5L not permitted: Manufactured Home

Proposed Official Zoning Map of Doña Ana County 10/11/2016
All T2 zones in Talavera (and surrounding land east of A-Mountain and adjacent to Dripping Springs Road and Soledad Canyon Road), changed to T2L.


  • Bob Peticolas on 2016/10/24 at 1:30 pm said:

    What about minimum lot size outside of the paved developments? My understanding was that the ETZ limited lot sizes to 2 acres or more but the new zoning will have no lower limit.

    What about limiting small-lot paved developments in Talavera. Talavera was designed to be more rural, similar to Rio Rancho. Do we really want it to morph into Sonoma Ranch?

    And, in the absence of a comprehensive drainage plan for our area, more small-lot, paved developments mean more water problems for those of us who are downstream of those developments. Some of us were recently designated as in a flood plain. Further small lot developments make the likelihood of actual floods much greater.

    • tca on 2016/10/24 at 2:31 pm said:

      Good questions.

      The ETZ has several different lot sizes in the Talavera area:
      1 acre+ (Organ Mesa, Miner’s Ridge…)
      2 acres+ (most of Talavera),
      5 acres+ land close to end of Soledad Canyon Road.

      The proposed UDC documentation:

      pg 113, Table 5.4 Site Standards: T2, R5, and R5L Zone, states:
      “Lot Area: 2 Acres (min) T2; 5 Acres (min) R5 & R5L”

      pg 125, Table 5.8 Site Standards: D1 Zone, states:
      “Lot Area: 1 acre (min)”

    • Bob Peticolas on 2016/10/24 at 3:42 pm said:

      But please note that Recreational Vehicle Parks are still allowed in T2 (see table on page 115).

    • tca on 2016/10/24 at 3:51 pm said:

      I noticed that for the first time when I was researching your prior comment regarding lot size. I’ve been debating whether or not to add it to our current change request…I believe when the T2 is changed to T2L that option will be eliminated and it’s won’t be a problem.

    • Bob Peticolas on 2016/10/24 at 6:07 pm said:

      I hope you’ll ask for it. Otherwise, we’re just hoping the new language will solve the problem.

  • Jim - Future Resident on 2016/10/23 at 6:35 pm said:

    Thank you to all TCA members for putting in the leg work on this matter and the continuing updates. Your work is truly appreciated since I live out of state and can’t be there. Hopefully, there will good news to post on Tuesday.

    • tca on 2016/10/23 at 6:50 pm said:

      Thanks Jim. Not a lot of time for research but we feel confident our request will be heard favorably. Many thanks to all for their input.