ETZ Steering Committee Election Results and Minutes

Here are the minutes from the Special Election Meeting held on November 28, 2007 to nominate and elect the members for the ETZ Steering Committee. Thank you to all who offered to serve. Congratulations to those elected. The future of our Talavera Community rests in your hands! The file is in pdf format. 2007 ETZ Special Election November Minutes

November 28, 2007 Meeting

There will be a (Hopefully) brief meeting of the TCA on Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 6:30 Pm. There is one agenda item: – Election of ETZ Zoning Committee members. The following area residents have submitted a nomination application: Deborah Kinkel, 5195 Ladera Canyon Rd. Douglas Hoffman, 9477 Wind Dancer Trail Peter Ossorio, 5525 Lost Padre Mine Rd. Michael Park, 5150 Alamo Mine Trail * William Evrage, 5053 Heno Mine Trail David Rocks, 4861 Broken Stone Rd. Gary Gomez, 5085 Copper Bar Rd. Adrian Edwards, 4932 Spur Ridge Rd. Wendy Weir 5092 Ruby Mine Road *Mike Park has asked that

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TCA November Newsletter

     Talavera Community Association Newsletter     The TCA fall meeting will be held Nov. 7th, 6:30 at the Talavera Fire Station.  We will have an ETZ presentation by Steve Meadows and a call for committee members for this group.  The group will have input into how the new ETZ area should be zoned.  A good portion of our Talavera area is affected by the proposed zone so hopefully we’ll have a few interested parties on this committee.  Also, Mr Armando Cordero, Dona Ana Parks, will be presenting a status report on the Talavera Community Park, and Rep. Cervantes will

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New Area Code 575 this Sunday

Heads Up!! Las Cruces area residents will have a new telephone area code effective this Sunday, October 7. Beginning this Sunday, your official area code will be 575. There is a one year phase-in when you will be able to still use the 505 area code, but starting October 1, 2008, if you make a call outside of your local calling area, and use the wrong area code, you will receive a recorded message. And beginning January 1, 2009, you must use the proper area code, or you risk getting the wrong person. So, start getting used to it, and

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