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Beware of Possible Scams…

I’m writing in hopes other members of the Talavera community won’t make the same mistake we made. We were approached by someone X@X@X representing X@X@X Signs. He offered to create an address sign to be placed at the end of our drive. We had seen 

DAC Citizen’s Police Academy

From: Michelle Ugalde Subject: Citizen’s Police Academy Date: December 16, 2013 To: Talavera Community Association Hi, I just wanted to spread the word, that we are conducting an upcoming Citizen’s Police Academy here at the Sheriff’s Department. I try to let our Community Watch Programs know about this, so 

Neighborhood Watch

2013 nov 04 notice from Janet Honek We have not received any detailed information about the intruders beyond the fact someone tried to move the “abandoned” car. An alert resident noticed it and called 911. The police apprehended the driver. 2013 oct 29 notice from 

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Scheduled

We scheduled an informational/organizational meeting on Neighborhood Watch at the Talavera Firehouse on Wednesday, November 18 from 7-8 pm.  It will take no longer than one hour at most.  Please come and invite anyone who is interested to come as well. The deputies who help